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Tunisian Seared Cod

Tunisian Seared Cod

This is a light and refreshing way to prepare Cod, or any light white fleshed fish. The Tabil spice gives it a distinctive Mediterranean flavor and the Roasted Shallot Compound Butter ads some richness at the end. Tabbouleh is the natural accompaniment to this Cod dish and can be made hours in advance. The Tabil spice mix can be made weeks ahead, as can the compound butter, which should be kept in the freezer if stored for long periods of time.


Scabechi (Aruban Pickled Fish)

Scabechi is an Aruban dish of pickled fish. Unlike seviche, which is raw pickled fish, scabechi is made with fish that has been seared and cooked through. Scabechi should be made ahead and refrigerated for at least 24 hours before use to allow the fish […]