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Cookbook II

Michael’s second cookbook, In the Kitchen with Michael Salmon, contains 311 pages that feature over 125 of his favorite recipes and 150 color photographs of his food, the Hartstone Inn and the Camden area. Hard cover: $34.95

Chef Michael Salmon

Cookbook II



Not one to rest on his laurels, Culinary Institute of America graduate and internationally award-winning chef Michael Salmon continues to expand as a cook and to experiment with ingredients and new techniques. He has been creating recipes since he could barely reach the counter in his mother’s kitchen. In addition to personally preparing luscious cuisine for twenty three years at the elegant Hartstone Inn, owned and operated by Michael and his wife Mary Jo, he also offered year-round group and one-on-one cooking classes in his colorful kitchen. With this second cookbook, Michael brings to light over 25 years of cooking experience, and features some of his favorite dishes from the Hartstone Inn.

Award-winning chef Michael Salmon once again invites you to re-create a new selection of irresistible and tantalizing recipes. Limoncello, Crispy Lobster and Asparagus Spring Rolls, Seafood Panzanella Salad, Michael’s Tiramisu are just a sampling of what you’ll find inside this enjoyable and inspiring second cookbook. Michael’s passion for food and love of wine burst forth on these pages, along with practical advice, wine pairings and straightforward instruction for making remarkable cuisine. Happy Cooking!  

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Chef Michael

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