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Duck Confit

Duck Leg Confit

The term “confit” refers to something that is cooked slowly in it’s own fat. Duck legs are the most common item cooked in this manner because ducks are quite fatty and benefit from a long-slow cooking process. The legs are first cured for 24 hours with a wet rub of orange, scallion and spices (including star anise) and slowly simmered in duck fat for 10 hours. My recipe for confit calls for 12 duck legs because if you are going through all this effort, you might as well make a decent-sized batch. It freezes well and can be used in anything from crêpes and cannoli’s to onion or bean soups and cassoulet.

Honey Seared Duck Breast

Honey-Seared Duck Breast

Duck Breast is a meat that is often prepared poorly, and quality preparation can be subjective. Personally, I am not a fan of duck breast that is on the rare side. I prefer my duck breast to be cooked to medium-rare, and I think that many people who order duck in a restaurant (maybe for the first, and only time) are turned off by this. On the other hand, over cooked duck breast is equally disappointing. To reach the proper point of doneness, I like to cook duck breast slowly and periodically check it’s internal temperature until it reaches 130-degrees F.