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Portabella Mushroom Soup

Portabella Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup is so hearty and earthy and can be so comforting as cool weather and fall settles in. I often supplement the portabella’s with wild mushrooms I forage from the local woodlands near my home and when I am in the Loire valley of France, we get Mushrooms that are grown in the ancient caves near our Chateau. In recent years, I started making this soup with a vegetable stock instead of the chicken stock for my vegetarian customers.

Sherried Mushrooms

Sherried Mushrooms with Manchego Cheese

This is one of the recipes from my foodie trip to the Catalonia region of Spain. I like to serve it in a Spanish “cazuela” (as in the photo) which is a shallow unglazed earthenware dish that the Spanish often use in their cuisine, probably most notably recognized in Crema Catalana, or Spanish Flan.

Pappardelle alla Norcina
Entrees, Pasta

Pappardelle alla Norcina

Pappardelle is one of my favorite pastas. The thick, wide noodles provide a hearty bite of pasta that can stand up to any sauce. Truffles are an elegant and rewarding addition to this dish and quite necessary to be authentic, however, they are quite costly, hard to find, and can be omitted from the recipe.

Mushroom Souffle

Mushroom Soufflé

I love soufflés, sweet and savory. This is one of my favorite combinations. If you can get your hand on some Black Trumpet mushrooms and some good Gruyère cheese, then you are really in for a treat. Any mushroom will work, but a few of my favorites for this dish are Hen of the Woods, Porcini (or Cepes) and Morels with their intense flavors and aromas.

Chicken Coq au Vin

Sous Vide Chicken “Coq-au-Vin”

Sous Vide is a great way to cook items that require long cooking times like roasts and tougher cuts. This recipe was originally developed as a way to use the tougher male rooster by braising it for an extended period in red wine.