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Stuffed Eggplant

Sicilian Stuffed Eggplant

Eggplant is such an integral part of Sicilian cuisine and can be found in many dishes from appetizers and pastas to sauces and main courses. On our Foodie Trips to Sicily, eggplant finds it’s way onto the menu most days. My stuffed eggplant is a rather rustic dish in which an eggplant is cut lengthwise in half and stuffed with an incredibly flavorful mixture of ground pork, spices, olives and raisins. My Fennel Spice Mix is also great on fish and shellfish.

Keshi Yena

Keshi Yená

The island of Aruba remains part of the Dutch Kingdom, so the Dutch influence is prevalent in everything from architecture to cooking. Keshi Yená is a dish that was originally made by filling an empty shell of a scooped out Edam or Gouda cheese with a spiced chicken or beef mixture and baking it.

Fish Papilotte

Fish en Papilotte

Cooking “en Papilotte” is an easy and nutritious way to prepare fish, seafood and vegetables. If your looking for nutritious, you may want to omit the optional beurre blanc from the recipe. The French translation for “en Papilotte” is “in paper” and refers to the parchment pouch that encases the vegetables and fish. The pouch is baked in a hot oven and the contents steam in their own moisture, creating a tender and flavorful dish that is hard to beat. Clean up is a breeze.