Copper Sugar Pot, Mauviel M’Passion, 1.9-qt, Made In France

Copper Sugar Pot, Mauviel M’Passion, Caramel Sauce Pan, 1.9-qt, Made In France

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About this item

  • This Copper Sugar Pot is the ideal pan just for sugar work. The sugar saucepan is the traditional utensil for making caramel.
  • Copper riveted tubular copper handle for sturdy support and to reduce heat for handling, however pan needs to be used with great caution because of the high temperature that the sugar will take caramelizing.
  • Made in France. Mauviel is the leading cookware manufacturer for professional and household chefs throughout the world.
  • Unlined 2mm gauge copper for superior heat conductivity and temperature control.
  • Flat base and straight sides encourage sugar to melt swiftly and smoothly.
  • Narrow spout for dripless pouring.
  • Unlined copper is highly reactive to ingredients. This pan should be used only for cooking with sugar – never for general cooking.
  • Broiler, freezer and stovetop safe. Oven safe to 680° F.
  • The pan can be used for preparing everything from pralines, caramels and hard candies to Italian meringue and buttercream frostings.


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