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Walnut Cod

Walnut Crusted Cod

I created this unusual walnut crusted cod dish for our Foodie trips to the Dordogne region of France with it’s abundance of local walnut trees. Elevating the “SBP” (standard-breading-procedure) by adding chopped walnuts to the breadcrumb coating is an easy modification. Any nut will work from pecans and macadamia nuts to pistachios and hazelnuts. Other “additions” I have used over the years include plantain chips, fresh herbs, grated Parmesan cheese and Terra Vegetable Chips.

Walnut Tart

Walnut Tart

The Dordogne valley produces more walnuts than any other region in France. Walnut trees are everywhere and it is quite disheartening to drive down the road in the autumn and hear the sound of the fallen nuts as they are crushed by your tires. Such a waste. Commercially, they grow 4 varieties of walnuts in the Dordogne region and we always look forward to loading up with a few bags of shelled nuts and a few tins of walnut oil on each trip.

Zucchini Bread
Bread, Breakfast

Zucchini Bread

It’s late August here in Maine and I am making zucchini bread every week…they just keep coming. Zucchini bread has always been one of my favorite breakfast “quick breads” to make and eat.